Using OCI360 to Audit Cloud Tenancy Data

Firstly, all credit goes to: for this tool.

Currently, there is no official Oracle tool for generating reports of a Cloud Tenancy. This can leave generating data around estates as a manual task open to human error. This acts as a tool to produce these reports.

Free open-source framework/tool to generate html output of your tenancy metadata. Can act as an audit or analysis tool of estate. It is also customizable to create custom reports which could be used as a method of creating customized reports for various stakeholders depending on security requirements etc. Further information here.

This being a learning blog, I can give a nod to the experience i’ve gained on both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Linux throughout the process of using this product.

I carried out the following on an Oracle Linux VM on OCI.

Next up, there’s some pre-req’s for the tool:
JQ: wget -O jq<your version>
Which you’ll need to chmod to executable and put on to the path.
OCI-CLI: bash -c “$(curl -L”

Once setup, I followed through the process, which is detailed accurately in the github documentation, and had my report.

Some interesting aspects of the setup included:
– Creating a read only user with access to read across the whole tenency.
– Setting the MAX_STRING_SIZE of the Database to extended. In my case it meant the reporting was kept in a seperate PDB so not to unintentionally affect other PDB’s.

The tool is expanding too, the latest feature being the ability to compare some aspects of the two latest consecutive reports.

My next challenge is to automate the process to take place at intervals. I’m currently writing some shell scripts in order to do so. That’ll be my next blog post.

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