Using Knockout JS through OJET

Having spent some time away from developing UI’s in OJET but luckily spending time getting to grips with Javascript, i’ve been fortunate enough to revisit a topic that I struggled to grasp. Before discussing the topic my first comment is that i’ve gained a lot of enjoyment from returning to a once seemingly difficult area and having some success with it. As my journey of learning software development continues, It personally feels very satisfying achieve results such as this… long my it continue. (onto knockout.js).

A web framework for dynamic UI’s

So what is Knockout? It’s one of the stable, reliable libraries and frameworks OJET utilises (discuss further in my first post) to provide a basis for UI development.

Take a look at the key concepts of JS below:

So, what can be achieved with knockout?

Dynamic, One-page applications primarily. With the potential for feature-rich development, given the range of examples on the cookbook there’s a lot to go at.

Here’s a particular favourite aspect of the code – the use of $root. prefix. Which allows knockout.js to search the entire viewmodel for an object matching your input rather than just that codeblock.

Thanks for reading…

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