Going solo….

So, after the previous posts around learning OJET as the junior role in an experienced team I’ve found myself with a less technically challenging task. However, it’s a task I need to find a solution for myself (an effective and stressful way to learn).

As mentioned previously, there is an internal project around a visitor management UI that i’m working on. It’s basic function is to manage visitors on a client site but it does have a twist, it will be paperless in order to be sustainable.

Having gained skills in UML writing this was the finished product

Before embarking on writing a line of code a UML document was needed, this was excellent from my perspective as it gave me an insight into producing a more rounded product and how clients expect use cases to be delivered. Additionally, during the process of writing out the UML it became clear that this process add values to the developers process, a clear, no waste diagram would make any future development more structured.

New Resources used over the past month…

So, going solo and writing UML’s might seem like a daunting challenge to those not well accustomed but in my opinion, the quality of resources at your disposal are key. To this end https://www.packtpub.com/ has been a huge source of high quality, in depth information.

Here, I’ve made use of the free daily book and now have a well stocked library concerning Javascript, HTML and UI design, amongst others. This recommendation is thanks to Phil Wilkins who’s blog can be found at https://blog.mp3monster.org/

So whats next?

Expect a more coding based update soon! I’ll be discussing some of the technical challenges and how my resources have helped my overcome them! Thanks for reading, get in touch if you’ve anything to add!

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