• Getting started with UI development through Oracle JET.

    11th Oct 2019 by

    An introduction to myself: To give this blog some context, I intend this blog to be an insight into how I learn the different technologies I’ll be in contact with at my business unit at Capgemini, ERP Cloud Solutions. As a degree apprentice developer in the team the posts should have a technical focus and… Read more

  • OCI Block Volume Backup and Further Linux Learning

    1st Feb 2020 by

    OCI’s block volume option gives you a wide range of options when it comes to creating backup’s and restoring from them. It also gave me an excellent opportunity to learn about building, backing up and reattaching a restored block volume to a different instance – with a test included as proof. The challenge:1. Provision a… Read more

  • Using Knockout JS through OJET

    18th Jan 2020 by

    Having spent some time away from developing UI’s in OJET but luckily spending time getting to grips with Javascript, i’ve been fortunate enough to revisit a topic that I struggled to grasp. Before discussing the topic my first comment is that i’ve gained a lot of enjoyment from returning to a once seemingly difficult area… Read more

  • Introduce yourself to Linux with Oracle Always Free Account

    15th Dec 2019 by

    Things have changed for me personally since the last post I shared with you. Work focus has shifted due to a change in project and I know find myself working on a lift and shift to cloud project where i’m also writing some backend stuff. (As an early preview the next post i’ll write will… Read more

  • Going solo….

    22nd Nov 2019 by

    So, after the previous posts around learning OJET as the junior role in an experienced team I’ve found myself with a less technically challenging task. However, it’s a task I need to find a solution for myself (an effective and stressful way to learn). As mentioned previously, there is an internal project around a visitor… Read more

  • Further steps with OJET, doing the research and solving blockers

    25th Oct 2019 by

    Picking up from where we last off, I promised some discussion around some of the more complex components in OJET. However, as you know i’m towards the beginning of my journey, especially with this tool, so some background work was required before diving into the ‘complex’ components the cookbook had to offer. In terms of… Read more

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